maelstrom art collective


maelstrom art collective is a multimedia performance group created with the goal of debate, discussion, collaboration, and activism. 

It is our mandate to create and discover new works and adaptations that have current cultural relevance, and creating opportunity for marginalised experiences and stories to be heard.


Founding Members

Jordi O'Dael

Jordi O’Dael is a trans nonbinary stage/voice actor, director, playwright, and comedian. A UWinnipeg/Randolph Academy alum, Jordi has based their burgeoning career on portraying 12 year old girls and hyper masculine men. Their primary interests are corgis, avocados, dismantling the patriarchy, destroying the gender binary, the occult, and using theatre as a vehicle for social change.

Shai Tannyan

Shai Tannyan’s love affair with the stage began in high school, auditioning for a musical because a cute girl was already involved in it. From there she has worked both on stage and backstage non-stop, fine-tuning her craft. She’s worked as an actor, a costumer, a designer, and a music director, among other theatre-related odd jobs. She endeavours to find and create art that moves her, be it a theatre piece that’s left her lost in thought or a painting she loses hours in front of, looking for work that speaks to something bigger than itself.

Maighdlin Mahoney

Maighdlin Mahoney is a Toronto based actor, singer, dancer, producer and creator. After graduating from Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, where she appeared in Our Country’s Good and Spring Awakening, she has been focusing on work in the theatre where she can combine performance and creation. Maighdlin was the co-founder and co-producer of NonExistent Theatre for its first year, and performed as Hermia in NonExistent’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. More recently, she co-produced Rosanna Saracino’s new play Suitcases and began studying English and History at the University of Toronto.

Annelise Hawrylak

Annelise Hawrylak is nastiest before caffeine. She is a proud graduate of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts and Brandon University's Faculty of Music. Favourite projects include Pure Carbon's feminist sleepover-turned-exorcism, "Bitchcraft," and Solar Stage's Dora-nominated "Munsch Mash." When she isn't smashing the patriarchy, Annelise loves learning aerial silks, or sprinting through cemeteries in the middle of the night with her direwolf




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